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I have time for here, but till now and posted, I wanted saver as I can post on the forum MEDIA AEVA to see a question I have.

Thanks and regards

Hello?  <_<

I didn't really understand what you said but t sounded like you were posting and saving the post for later...


I'm in the process of building a SMF site. For the time being, it'll remain a SMF site. However, I use your Aeva Media package and I wanted to come here and just commend you on work well done.

I have a small problem and it's that I am trying to find some decent logos to use so that I can give you the proper credit but I can't seem to find any. Can you guys help me find a good Aeva Media logo to use as a link?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, why can't I post new threads?

There is no Aeva Media logo... The package was abandoned over 2 years ago following various tensions within the SMF team.

You may use any Wedge logo you like to link to, though :P


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