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Title: Hello
Post by: IpSiLoN on 30 December 2011 à 13h16

I have time for here, but till now and posted, I wanted saver as I can post on the forum MEDIA AEVA to see a question I have.

Thanks and regards
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: IpSiLoN on 7 January 2012 à 17h58
Hello?  <_<
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Arantor on 7 January 2012 à 22h18
I didn't really understand what you said but t sounded like you were posting and saving the post for later...
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: zagdul on 11 December 2012 à 7h35

I'm in the process of building a SMF site. For the time being, it'll remain a SMF site. However, I use your Aeva Media package and I wanted to come here and just commend you on work well done.

I have a small problem and it's that I am trying to find some decent logos to use so that I can give you the proper credit but I can't seem to find any. Can you guys help me find a good Aeva Media logo to use as a link?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, why can't I post new threads?
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Nao/Gilles on 13 December 2012 à 16h31
There is no Aeva Media logo... The package was abandoned over 2 years ago following various tensions within the SMF team.

You may use any Wedge logo you like to link to, though :P
Title: comptabilisation visites lien youtube..etc
Post by: nicotoine on 5 March 2013 à 20h35
bonjour, je n'ai pas trouvé comment créer un message, alors je pose ma question ici.
dans aeva media, les visites des vidéos avec un lien externe style youtube  ne sont comptabilisées dans visite.
est il possible de régler le compteur pour ces vidéos afin que le compteur compte les visites.
mon forum
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: Nao/Gilles on 7 March 2013 à 12h20
C'est techniquement difficile, et surtout pas très intéressant du fait que YouTube, de son côté, propose déjà un compteur...
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: anton on 27 December 2014 à 10h23
I can't realy find, how to make new topic, co i'll post here )

I have Aeva light 1.5. Is there any new versions?? If no, I would like to make some update:

Mod does not installing on SMF2.0.9, so I found and replaced code in "install-both.xml"
first search in Post.php should look like
Code: [Select]
<search position="after"><![CDATA[ // Previewing? Go back to start.
if (isset($_REQUEST['preview']))
if (checkSession('post', '', false) != '')
$context['post_errors']['message'][] = $txt['error_session_timeout'];
unset ($_POST['preview'], $_REQUEST['xml']); // just in case
return Post();

Moreover around few years Youtube videos does not embed, by simply copy-paste of youtube url. I have tried to revise the source and replaced all http to https, but looks, like problem is deeper. In Subs-Aeva-Sites.php I have updated ytb:
Code: [Select]
'id' => 'yts',
'title' => 'YouTube (s)',
'website' => '[url][/url]',
'type' => 'pop',
'pattern' => 'https://(?:video\.google\.(?:com|com?\.[a-z]{2}|[a-z]{2})/[^"]*?)?(?:(?:www|[a-z]{2})\.)?youtu(?:be\.com/[^"#[]*?(?:[&/?;]|&amp;|%[23]F)(?:video_id=|v(?:/|=|%3D|%2F))|\.be/)([\w-]{11})',
'movie' => '[url][/url]$2&rel=0&fs=1',
'size' => array(
'normal' => array(480, 385),
'ws' => array(640, 385),
'ui-height' => 25,
// [url][/url] or v=MxGofCFHYCc (all hail Jochen Hippel!)
// On Google - [url][/url]
// [url][/url] - Example of "Embedding Disabled By Request"
'fix-html-pattern' => '<object [^>]*><param name="movie" value="https://www\.youtube\.com/v/([\w-]{11})(?:&[^"]*)?">.*?</object>',
'fix-html-url' => '[url][/url]$1',
'lookup-url' => 'https://(?:video\.google\.(?:com|com?\.[a-z]{2}|[a-z]{2})/[^"]*?)?(?:(?:www|[a-z]{2})\.)?youtube\.com/[^"#[]*?(?:[&/?;]|&amp;|%[23]F)(?:video_id=|v(?:/|=|%3D|%2F))([\w-]{11})[^]#[]*',
'lookup-actual-url' => '[url][/url]$1?v=2',
'lookup-final-url' => '[url][/url]$1',
'lookup-title' => true,
'lookup-title-skip' => true,
'lookup-pattern' => array(
'id' => '<id>.*?:([\w-]+)</id>',
'error' => '<internalReason>(.*?)</internalReason>',
'noexternalembed' => '<yt:accessControl\saction=\'embed\'\spermission=\'denied\'/>',
'ws' => '<yt:aspectRatio>widescreen</yt:aspectRatio>',

What else should I do??
Title: Re: Hello
Post by: ted on 27 March 2016 à 18h31
Post in this thread of the same reasons as above that making new seams to be turned of.
I hope all is well with you, not to been active for a while.

Sorry to bother you with this pesky question but here it goes:

Running a forum on smf 1.1.21 with Auto-Embed Video & Audio (Aeva) v6.9.99 since many years back.
Video embeded still works and even youtube with some edits.

Question is:
1) Are there any fixes available for such a old software to be used to get around the youtube https and be stuff?
2) Can I upgrade to any of your later stuff and retain the links and videos viewing on the forum if I upgrade to that in some not to labour intensive fashion.
3) If I do upgrade will you support the stuff a while longer?