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Bug Aeva-Media-1.4w on 2.0 fresh install

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First of all sorry if I didn't post in the proper area, but is so hard to find how to create a topic.

I've installed SMF 2.0 fresh install, without errors and after I installed Aeva-Media-1.4w without any errors, but when I try to access the admin menu: About or Settings i get "blank pages" so is impossible to be from another mod because is the only mod that I've installed and is installed on a fresh 2.0 SMF.
I've try everything, I've uninstall aeva, drop sql tables, reinstall again, but the problem persist.

Can someone help me with this bug?

10x in advance!

Hi marius,

Although the installations were without errors is there anything in your error log which appears after you try to access Admin > Settings ?

Edit : see if this gives a clue...;topicseen#msg2942611

Little late to the party on this one but I fixed this on my site with this:


--- Quote from RustyBarnacle on on 6 July 2011 0h32 ---Little late to the party on this one but I fixed this on my site with this:
--- End quote ---
I really need your info to fix the blank pare problem , but somehow your post has been deleted. :(
Please repost, or PM the info.
Thanks much in advanced

It hasn't been deleted.

His post says:

"A little Google and a little paste and pray later and it worked.

memory_limit = 48M

I put that in the php.ini and the problem went away."


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