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Compatibility problems with RC4 and PortaMX ?

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there are reports, that the latest version of AEVA 1.4b does not work
correctly with SMF RC4 and PortaMX.

See here:

What about the AEVA 2.04 version ?

I had no time yet to test this.
I will try to test it this night.

If anybody else has got those problems or solutions,
please post it here.
Many thanks.

P.S: Was in 2.04 version already the drop-shadow text overlay integrated
to mark the uploaded pictures or do I have to do this with another program ?

What would be the best freeware program to do this... easily ?
I really need drop-shadow text overlay.
Without drop-shadow, the text just is barely readable on many pics...

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Since 2.04 was published before RC4, and RC4 did a lot of banal things, it's probable that work is needed, but after the way the team carry on, I don't know what Nao's plans are with respect to AeMe updated for RC4, I know nothing I've written is being updated.

Maybe Nao can give us an update, if he will soon have a look at it,
or are you both to busy to write this SMF fork ?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stefan.

Well, it's not just about that. I doubt you've read the full goings-on that prompted us to start the fork, let's just say that it didn't end well, and neither of us want to do anything to help SMF.

So can I use now SMF 2.04 RC4 and PortaMX 0.990 and also use AEVA 2.04
or will this not work ?

I will try it now on a test site and let you know what problems I will still see.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


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